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  • Motorsport Ireland

    The Brief

    Motorsport Ireland is the governing body of motor racing, rallying and other four-wheeled Irish motorsport. It wanted to secure more media coverage of the events it sanctioned, improve its communications process with affiliated clubs and drivers, create a vibrant motorsport community on social media, and have PR advisors to handle enquiries from the media.

    Our solution

    We started by sitting down with the sports editors of the national print and broadcast media to find out why they weren’t covering Irish motorsport. They didn’t know what events were on and when, and they didn’t have the resources to cover them. We provided a content solution which ensures the media now receives ready-to-publish reports and images from motorsport events.

    We have secured buy-in from the motorsport clubs and individual drivers by advising them on how to secure coverage in the media, and by producing a regular digital newsletter which keeps them up to date with all the news from Motorsport Ireland.

    Finally, we established Motorsport Ireland on several social media platforms, using the content generated by all this activity to create a large and engaged community of motorsport drivers, mechanics, volunteers and fans.

    The results

    • Regular coverage for Motorsport Ireland events and individual drivers in media including Irish Independent, Sunday Independent, Irish Times, Irish Daily Mirror, Irish Sun, Irish Daily Mail, RTE, TheJournal.ie.
    • Team Ireland driver development programme launch with widespread media coverage.
    • Successful implementation of media and crisis PR plan for Motorsport Ireland and the clubs.
    • Bulletin newsletter growth from 300 subscribers to more than 5,022 — up 1,600%.
    • Facebook: Page Likes growth from 0 to more than 9,000. Monthly engagement average of 30,000 with page reach of more than 220,000.
    • Twitter follower growth from 0 to more than 4,500

    What they said

    “We have a great working relationship with Richard and The Content Partnership. Motorsport Ireland was struggling to get our message heard and one of the first things they did was to identify the issues that we faced as an organisation in securing consistent media coverage. They then proceeded to provide the solutions to address these findings.

    “As a result of the work carried out by the principles of The Content Partnership, we have established good working relationships with sports journalists, we achieve consistent coverage in the media and our social media following and engagement have grown.”

    – Alex Sinclair, CEO Motorsport Ireland 

    Motorsport Ireland
    -Content - PR - Social Media -
  • Cellnutrition

    The Brief

    Health and nutrition company Cellnutrition was launching a natural complete mineral supplement product, Quinton, in the UK and Ireland. They needed content for a new website and to support their marketing activity, and associated digital and traditional PR to bring their story to the public.

    Our solution

    Quinton has a remarkable history supporting human health which stretches back more than a century. We made their story relevant for consumers in the 21st Century by combining this heritage with independent scientific research and first-person testimonials to demonstrate the practical benefits of Cellnutrition Quinton to their target markets. Our activity included:

    • Developing content for the new Cellnutrition website.
    • Producing ongoing website content — blogs, articles, written and video testimonials, graphics.
    • Producing content for marketing materials, and product information and packaging
    • Producing native advertising articles for Cellnutrition.
    • Securing coverage in mainstream national and regional print, digital and broadcast media.
    • Securing coverage in specialist publications, including in the health, beauty, maternity, parenting, pharmacology, and senior citizen sectors.
    • Securing exposure for Cellnutrition expert spokespeople on nutritional health issues in the media.

    The results

    The provision of extensive ongoing content supported online sales activity, improved the Cellnutrition website’s SEO performance and provided original relevant quality for the company’s social media channels.

    The creation of high-quality editorial content by The Content Partnership’s professional journalists enabled Cellnutrition to reach key target markets through earned rather than paid media.

    The provision of marketing and training materials, and product information enabled retailers to successfully explain the benefits of Cellnutrition Quinton to customers.

    The Cellnutrition brand was enhanced through positive exposure in the mainstream media, and through the positioning in the media of appropriate and qualified company spokespeople as nutritional experts.

    -Content - PR -
  • RIAC Classic Car Show

    RIAC Classic Car Show

    The Royal Irish Automobile Club, founded in 1901, is the oldest motoring and motorsport club in Ireland. One of the crowning glories of the club is an archive which charts the history and development of the Irish Motor Industry from its earliest foundations right up to modern day. This includes an extensive collection of photographs, memorabilia, magazines and records which provide an insight into all aspects of motoring history in Ireland.

    The RIAC Archivist, Bob Montgomery, had a dream to bring this history to life and make it available for everyone to see. The result is the National Classic Car Show, which provides access to the public to some of the most beautiful and rarest cars in the world.

    The brief

    Generate media and public interest in a specialist classic car show. Supply content to support public relations activity. Provide communications advice around the event and exhibitors.

    The solution

    The cars are the stars – and The Content Partnership prepared a plan of media relations activity to capitalise on the visual appeal and stories behind the exhibits at the Classic Car Show.

    We managed media relations and provided high-quality public relations content in the form of ready-to-publish articles and images about the most appealing cars. Media targets included national, regional and local print and digital media, TV and radio stations, specialist motoring magazines and bloggers in Ireland and the UK.

    The Content Partnership also liaised with motor clubs and individual owners about promotional opportunities around the show, staged photo opportunities, and advised the event organiser on general communications issues.

    The result

    Comprehensive coverage for the Classic Car Show across all target media during every staging of the event. This has included on The Late Late Show on RTE1, on radio and across various national, local and specialist media in Ireland and beyond.

    What they said

    “The Content Partnership were an integral part of the organising of the event. Following several recommendations, I contacted the principles of the company who from the first meeting showed an understanding of our goals and aspirations for this unique show. Their ability to identify and place stories and imagery, and general advice on what will work with the media was invaluable. They did not hesitate to tell us frankly if one of our ideas would not work and always provided an alternative solution that invariably did.

    “The show from year one was a success and has grown since – something that I believe is rare in the consumer event industry. I personally believe that a lot of it had to do with the hands-on support of The Content Partnership and success of the media campaign. I have and will continue to recommend them.”

    – Bob Montgomery, Organiser RIAC Classic Car Show

    RIAC Classic Car Show
    RIAC Classic Car Show
    -Content - PR -
  • Local Enterprise Office


    The LEO in Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown has engaged with The Content Partnership on several projects which involved content marketing and public relations services.

    Corporate brochure

    Produce a 12-page corporate brochure (print and digital) for the LEO promoting Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County to entrepreneurs, SMEs and multinational companies as a great place to locate your business.

    This involved working with the LEO to establish core messages and goals for the brochure, liaising with other stakeholders including Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council, business associations, and individual companies to ensure appropriate representation of each group’s priorities in the brochure.

    Planning, researching and producing the written and visual content for the brochure, including interviewing relevant leading business people for inclusion as case studies in the brochure.

    Enterprise Week 2017

    The Content Partnership was engaged to promote events and involvement in Local Enterprise Week and the Local Enterprise Awards. This involved identifying and creating narratives around individuals competing in the awards or taking part in Enterprise Week; managing media relations to secure coverage in national and local media; and coordinating associated messaging and communications with the LEO, council, event stakeholders, and business associations.

    Results: Extensive coverage on radio, local and national printed and digital media for the awards and Local Enterprise Week events.

    Publicise LEO activity

    Promote the increased up-take and success of LEO supports and activities. This involved identifying and producing ready-to-publish editorial content to secure earned media, and repurposing LEO advertising collateral to reflect exciting start-ups and successful LEO client companies in Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown.

    Results: By securing earned editorial with high quality content, The Content Partnership effectively doubled the LEOs advertising budget and tripled the return on the spend across the media.


    Local Enterprise Office
    -Content - Design - PR -
  • Hard Metal Machine Tools

    The Brief

    Hard Metal, the leading supplier of precision tools to Ireland’s engineering manufacturing sector, was celebrating 40 years in business and wanted to share their incredible story with customers, potential customers and suppliers in order to support and grow sales. The challenge lay in the fact that although Hard Metal was very customer-focused, it had always been modest about talking about its success. Meanwhile, much of the company’s marketing material, including its website, was very dated and it lacked presence on social media.

    Our Solution 

    We worked with Hard Metal to identify their story and devise a combined content and PR strategy which communicated this to their target markets. Our approach was to focus on what makes the company stand out — factors such as its unique partnership approach to securing productivity cost savings for its customers, the remarkable amount of long-term business relationships the company has, and the support Hard Metal provides to community organisations. Our activity has included:

    • Planning and producing original content for the new Hard Metal website.
    • Ongoing content for the website, newsletters, social media and PR purposes.
    • Designing, producing and distributing regular digital newsletters.
    • Devising and executing a PR strategy targeting national and local print, digital and broadcast media, as well as engineering and manufacturing trade media.
    • Planning and implementing Hard Metal’s first steps into social media.

    The Results

    The profile and services Hard Metal provides were extensively promoted within and out with engineering manufacturing industries. The company benefitted from extensive coverage which included interviews on RTE Television News and Newstalk Radio, articles in the Irish Independent and various other digital and print newspapers, and extensive industry coverage.

    Direct B2B marketing activity was very effective in communicating the advantages of partnering with Hard Metal, while the company has engendered extensive goodwill and loyalty at a local level as a result of publicising its community activity in the media and on social media.

    The Content Partnership continues to provide content marketing and PR services for Hard Metal.

    What they said

    “Relationships are very important to Hard Metal, both with our customers and suppliers, and we value the relationship we have The Content Partnership.

    “Right from the start, they took time to learn about the culture of our company and what drove our success. That approach has paid dividends because they now understand Hard Metal requirements so well – they get us.

    “The Content Partnership’s work and its results have been excellent – and we now understand the importance and benefits of quality content when it comes to marketing and public relations.”

    – Thomas Kelly, General Manager of Hard Metal

    Hard Metal Machine Tools
    -Content - PR - Social Media -
  • Rugby League Ireland

    Rugby League Ireland

    The Brief

    Rugby League is a growing sport in Ireland with a loyal and passionate following among players and supporters. Rugby League Ireland, the sport’s governing body, wanted to harness this energy and demonstrate to a wider audience the thrills, excitement and benefits of playing and supporting the sport in order to grow participation throughout the island of Ireland.

    RLI also wanted to promote and secure media coverage around important fixtures in the rugby league season, in particular crucial World Cup qualifying matches while also keeping their sponsors satisfied.

    The challenge: Rugby League in Ireland was not getting any significant media coverage either in print or online. Journalists were not receiving information from RLI in a timely fashion or in a format that they could use.

    Our solution

    We established working relationships with national and relevant local media on behalf of RLI, then put in place a process that ensured that rugby league news and match previews, live reporting and post-match reports and images were written and supplied to print, digital and broadcast media as required.

    We created buzz around important domestic and international fixtures in the rugby league calendar by securing print and radio interviews of key players in the build-up to the matches.

    We reviewed RLI’s social media activity, advised them on a growth strategy, and implemented initiatives to assist this process. These included engaging the business community by running a sponsorship competition and creating content to demonstrate the impact of video on RLI social media channels.

    The results

    • Substantial increase in the quality and quantity of coverage of rugby league matches across the national and local media.
    • Coverage of Rugby League Ireland off-field initiatives to grow participation in the sport.
    • Significant growth in social media traffic through the use of reports and video, resulting in widespread engagement in Ireland, the UK and beyond.

    What they said

    “The Content Partnership was recommended to us as people who could help improve our ability to promote rugby league both in the media and among supporters and potential players and supporters.

    “We quickly saw great returns on our investment through increased media coverage and activity on Facebook and Twitter accounts. These are still growing and there is now doubt this is due down to the solid platform their advice and strategy provided for us.

    “Anyone in RLI who worked with Richard and Craig would not hesitate to recommend them. Their input in many areas outside of their initial remit has also been of great benefit to us as an organisation and we will continue to consult with them in the future.”

    – Richard Egan, Director of Rugby League Ireland: 


    Rugby League Ireland
    Rugby League Ireland
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