About The Content Partnership

Helping businesses and brands tell their story

April 11, 2016

About The Content Partnership

About Us

The Content Partnership is a Dublin-based content marketing and PR agency which helps businesses and brands tell their story better.

Every business has a story to tell but often it’s hard to know where to start. That’s where we come in. The Content Partnership combines editorial expertise with PR savvy to identify, shape and communicate your story, enabling you to connect with your target audience across digital, print and social media platforms.

The Content Partnership was founded in 2015 by Craig McKechnie and Richard Burke. They have more than 40 years’ experience in quality journalism and communications, which means our company has a great nose for a story and the knowledge of how best to tell it. We also have a fantastic creative team of writers, editors and designers supporting us.

But creating great content alone is not enough — you must know how to use it. Our content is supported by marketing, PR and social media strategies which maximise reach, cut-through and ROI for our clients. This means we help you deliver on your key marketing objectives.

We have a proven track record of devising and executing content and PR campaigns for companies in the areas of industry, banking and finance, health and nutrition, politics, construction, charities, sports bodies and organisations, and event management.

Our office is in Dún Laoghaire because we do like to be beside the seaside — and we don’t like traffic jams. It’s a grand place for a chat, a coffee or a stroll on the pier. So give us a call and let’s talk about how our content can work for you.


Craig McKechnie


Craig has been delivering top class content for more than 20 years. He co-founded The Content Partnership in 2015 after a successful career as a journalist at several leading media organisations around the world.

Most recently Craig was a senior editorial executive in INM, holding the position of Assistant Editor, Irish Independent, having previously been the Editor of Herald AM. He has also held writing, editing and broadcasting roles across news, business and sport at organisations including The Scotsman, The Sun and The Sydney Morning Herald — covering stories as diverse as the Dunblane massacre in Scotland, terrorism in South Africa, immigration scandals in Australia, and the British and Irish Lions.

Craig has an innate ability to get to the heart of the story and identify what audiences will engage with. He combines this with exceptional content creation skills across all platforms, excellent contacts and an unrivalled knowledge of how the media operates.


Richard Burke


Richard has a deep knowledge of all aspects of communications developed during more than 20 years working in public relations across many industries and sectors.

He thrives on creating and executing cutting-edge communications strategies which maximise the potential for our clients to gain the positive exposure which fulfils their marketing and sales imperatives. Identifying opportunities to promote companies outside of the obvious is a particular skill of Richard’s and one that is only possible with an understanding of what the media and public want to see.

Richard cut his teeth handling accounts with PR agencies such as Murray Consultants, O’Herlihy Communications. It was there that he established a reputation with clients and the media based on integrity and straight talking. This has continued since he co-founded The Content Partnership, where clients also benefit from Richard’s strong network of media contacts and experience in consumer, corporate, hospitality and cause-related communications.