Public Relations

more than 40 years’ experience on either side of the media divide

April 11, 2016

Public Relations

Earning you the media coverage your brand deserves

Whether you are communicating with consumers, B2B, or the media, you need a PR message that is expertly crafted and a team with the knowledge and experience to deliver it effectively.

At The Content Partnership, we have more than 40 years’ experience on either side of the media divide - as journalists and communications professionals - and a passion and energy to deliver outstanding results for our clients.

We use high-quality content to drive your PR activities. We do the job of journalists because media organisations no longer have the time or resources they used to. Editorial teams are looking for turnkey solutions and efficient ways of producing ever-increasing amounts of quality content for their audiences.

This is what we provide — in the form of ready-to-run, professionally-produced articles and images which are designed to make the journalist’s job easier and secure positive coverage for you. We back this up by choosing our targets carefully and leveraging our extensive, unrivalled media contacts to make sure your story hits the mark. This also includes comprehensive UK media contacts and a specialised UK press release distribution service.

We offer clear and concise advice to ensure your message has the right tone, and level-headed counsel should you be caught in the eye of a crisis or media storm. After all, protecting and enhancing the good name and reputation of your business or brand is always the top priority.

The Content Partnership offers a full suite of PR services to raise your profile, project a positive image and build a strong relationship with your intended audience.

We handle individual standalone projects and longer-term engagements which require sustained PR and communications in support of ongoing marketing and advertising activity.

Contact us today to talk about your story and how we can get you the editorial endorsement your company deserves.

PR Services

  • Content-driven PR
  • Tailored for news, business, features, sport, trade media
  • Event PR
  • Crisis PR
  • Outstanding relationships with journalists
  • Excellent knowledge of how media works