April 11, 2016


Media Training

Learn how to tell your own story and become a polished media performer

The Content Partnership’s tailored training courses will equip you with the skills to create your own great content and face the media with confidence.

Our company is built on journalistic and PR expertise, which means we’re perfectly placed to provide a complete understanding of what makes a good story, and how to communicate it to the media so that you achieve your objectives.

We train you to become better storytellers, better communicators, better ambassadors for your business, and shrewder operators when it comes to dealing with journalists.

All our training sessions are tailored to your specific requirements and designed to empower you with the skills and techniques to confidently tell your business or brand’s story through the creation of high-quality content and by engaging confidently with the media.

Media Relations

This training programme demystifies the media and provides you with the skillset to handle journalists and interview situations with confidence.

We provide insight into how journalists think and operate, and the decision-making process in newsrooms — and how you can use this information to your advantage. You will learn about recognising and staging PR opportunities and how to leverage them to achieve your objectives.

Our practical press release writing exercises and simulated interview situations will ensure you become comfortable contacting journalists with your story, and facing them in front of the camera.

You will learn how to:

  • Think like a journalist
  • Identify PR opportunities
  • Choose your media targets
  • Pitch stories to the media
  • Create professional press releases
  • Manage your message for maximum impact
  • Write for the media
  • Build beneficial relationships with the media
  • Interview techniques and tactics
  • Deal with crisis situations
  • Assess risk and reward of media engagement

Creating your own Content

No-one knows your story like you do, and this training programme teaches you how to think and act like a storyteller so that you can identify, create and communicate your business or brand’s story like a professional.

Our journalists utilise their years of editorial experience to equip you with the skills to become a better storyteller, and provide practical insight into how your business can capitalise on the exciting opportunities great content offers across your digital channels and on social media.

We provide in-depth presentations, workshops and mentoring for individuals and groups so that you have the knowledge and confidence to build and execute an efficient effective content strategy to enhance the activities of your marketing team.

You will learn how to:

  • Identify, shape and create your story
  • Adapt your story for different platforms
  • Plan, manage and maintain a content calendar
  • Write for the media
  • Script and produce videos
  • Think like a storyteller
  • Create compelling corporate content
  • Recognise the secrets to audience engagement
  • Tailor your content for social media